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Metroid: Fight For Love Metroid: Fight For Love

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Ok... since you did the music video for someone else's song that I didn't like, I am not going to rate you on the song. Not your lyrics or concept.

So my rating is based on this: The large amount of clipping, the odd, stiff movements when Samus was running, I have no idea where she was keeping that locket that she could take it out of her sealed armor like that....

The video didn't seem to really be going "along with" the music video so much as just show Samus doing.. stuff. That she usually does.

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Sexy 3D Animation G4E Sexy 3D Animation G4E

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Contrary to your defense of them... The voicing acting isn't believable, the audio quality for the voice recordings is not the greatest, and the voices aren't remotely fitting to the models. Sayako especially sounds like a young girl instead of an adult. I get the mental image of a 14 year old listening to her voice, which is not really appealing. XD

I won't harp on the big boobs, but the outfits are pretty ridiculous. No one is legally going to walk around in the outfit you have Tara in, she would be arrested for indecent exposure. Which further sets up the "this is just going to be a porn" feeling, which completely conflicts with the score/music.

The expressions, especially on Sayako, are well done, and the small amounts of animation are fairly well done and fluid. I don't know how much credit to give you for the renderings though since you admitted to using bases, and I didn't see, or bother to look hard enough for your links to your original sources. >)

But the concept itself is not original or appealing.

As I stated I can't get over how inappropriate the music was for the type of teaser this is supposed to be. The music implies something epic is about to happen - and I don't mean epic as in girl-on-girl sex. Epic as in we're about to go on a timeless quest to save the universe. Which I'm pretty sure they aren't doing.

Overall I can't give this many stars. I like hentai fine when it's done well and classy - but this does not come across as classy. The faces and hair on the models are beautiful, but the way the boobs and butts are done makes them look like ducks when seen from the side. I'm not asking you to change it, just stating it doesn't mesh with my aesthetics. I like sexy women and large breasts are fine, but they just look uncomfortable.

Change up the music sequence, change up the acting (either get the girls to sound less.. girly.. or change VOs entirely), and this would improve in my opinion.

(Also, I sincerely hope your VAs are both over 18, Sayako especially didn't sound like it. >w<)

a3d responds:

Well I think the voice overs are great, doesn't mean you have to like them of course. Everyone has different taste. The girl voicing Sayako is mid twenties, btw.
Also sometimes given the medium we do things that go beyond reality... like EVERY hentai or animation ever created!! Hence the liberty I took with their clothing. I still think you're hung up on the fact that it's porn and you want to make it seem of little value and indecent (just my assumption. I'm not saying you are). Sorry, I think exactly the opposite. I love porn!
If I had the choice between watching a movie of some timeless quest or 2 girls having sex, I chose the latter (depending on the overall production values of course)! Hope that explains the music :D Thanks for the feedback!

All Sprites Tournament! All Sprites Tournament!

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Okay, so. First of all. Little to no animation to speak of. You did not create much in the way of artwork since you just used established art and sprite(s). Further, this animation is not directly related to really anything. Your project would be better hosted/presented on a forum and not submitted as an original "flash animation".

Winglessangelful responds:

Your comment was not needed here Unless your posting a character -_-

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LARRY: Doug-Out LARRY: Doug-Out

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Smae issue as previously stated

Positives: The concept is a new twist on an older game style, and was fun at the start. Animation and sounds are quite good, and the music is pleasant rather than annoying, even though it's repetative.

Negatives: Doug really does become too difficult to hit, and if he's able to move from barrel to barrel in one second or less, and it takes several seconds to get the bartender to respond to a click, it just doesn't work. Upgrading the weapon didn't seem to have much of an effect since the levels go by so quickly (and apparently with each level comes a more difficult to defeat Doug).

Suggestions: Tone Doug down a bit more than you already have, please. It got to where he was drinking nearly all the ale before I could even get a single hit on him. Also, if you want to keep Doug fast, maybe allow for upgrading the bartender's speed rather than just the type of weapon (as stated, I can't tell if the upgrades had any effect at all anyway).

Overall, not a bad game, but too frustrating to be "good".

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Angel Doll Dress Up Angel Doll Dress Up

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Tries too hard to be a Bratz doll

The style of the girl is awful - it looks like a Bratz doll face, but the anatomy and style throughout are awkward and badly drawn. The backgrounds and most of the clothes and such are pretty, but it shows a gross overuse of the same colors, and thus everything bleeds into the background.

These types of flash are a dime a dozen, as proven by the fact that you are continually feeding several of these to Newgrounds at a time in hopes of attracting attention to your website. It's just not up to the type of quality Newgrounds users are used to seeing from fellow users, let alone a for-profit website like this.

Lady Gaga in Concert Lady Gaga in Concert

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Cut and paste game for kids

Though the art is at least decent, it's also the same standard fare produced for your site. Speaking from experience, given the incredible fanciness and selection put into so many of the other dress up dolls out there (whether it is a Flash doll or for the popular KiSS system), something like this just isn't going to hold a girl's attention for more than a minute, tops. It's boring and lifeless.

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Secret of Mana - Not The End Secret of Mana - Not The End

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Your author's comments confused me

Destiny didn't "originally" do the song - she based Angels Dear off of Where Angels Fear to Tread, not the other way around. It's the theme song to Secret of Mana, and she simply wrote lyrics to it.

As for the remix, it's a bit muddled; it's good overall, but could stand to be a bit.. I do'nt know, cleaner? With more complimentary instruments?

(8-Bit) Mad World (8-Bit) Mad World

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very well done

I was wondering if it was the Gary Jules or the original version, and it's the Gary Jules .. made famous in Donnie Darko. Love that movie.

Very well done. Very 8 bit but still pretty.

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tsunami334 responds:

thanks for the review.

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Karin's Breasts Karin's Breasts

Rated 3 / 5 stars

She looks a bit young, enough to where it's kind of awkward. There's also something kind of strange about her hair in the back.

Other than that the lines and colors look really good.

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Jessica &amp;amp; Yukki Jessica & Yukki

Rated 3 / 5 stars

- lovely colors
-nice use of patterns and textures
- Interesting use of lighting

- He looks like he's only 12 or 13, which would make this kiddy porn if he is
- The anatomy could use a lot of work - her right buttock is bigger than the left, but it is further away so it should not be; her torso seems a little short; the placement of her breasts is wrong; the placement of his genitals compared to where his leg meets his hip is strange

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Sailormoon Serene Drea Sailormoon Serene Drea

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Yaaaaaaaaaay I'm soooo happy to see more Sailormoon art on here - i was so scared I was the only one posting Sailormoon fanart.

She's lovely :) I really like how the water looks too.